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Ffishh International BV

Ffishh international BV is a versatile company and is bases on three pillars, which are:

• Export of chocolate and sweets to China and Hong Kong.

• On behalf of our clients, manage and handle production lines in China.

•Exporting typical Dutch products, namely for Dutch emigrants. We export to overseas areas for example Canada where lots of Dutch people use to settle.

Entrance to the Chinese market

For almost two decades we do business with China and Hong Kong. A region which has developed in such a short time to one of the most important economies in the world. We have our own quarter in Hong Kong so there is a short line between our company and a group fabricants which fabricates a large variety of products. On the same hand we have also a good access to several distribution canals.

Typical Dutch products

We offer our service to deliver large variety of typical Dutch assortment of: foods, sweets and candy and non to food products. Name it “ the Dutch supermarket assortment!” These products will find their way eventually to Dutch emigrants abroad.